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We have perfected product engineering using processes, tools and agile mindsets that look for automation possibilities for every single application. We differentiate products using cutting edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotic Automation, Internet of Things, Blockchain among others.

We believe in Lean techniques and make sure that our clients receive incremental versions of the products that they can take to market more often, collect feedback from the users, and rapidly adapt the solution to what the users actually need.

Leadership Team


CEO and Chairperson of the Board

Deepa Sarojammal has 24 years of experience working for Fortune 500/Global 2000 organizations, driving transformative growth through strategy, process, people and technology.

Deepa has a track record of building and scaling global, diverse high-performance teams characterized by customer obsession, technology excellence, purposeful innovation, and design thinking. She has led large complex transformation programs globally, helping her clients solve complex business problems leveraging the power of Digital technologies, Hyperautomation, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Cloud. A firm believer in servant leadership and empowering her team, she took over as the CEO of Reflections and has been successful in growing Reflections 10X since then.

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Leadership team
Usha Chirayil

Head - HR

Leadership team
Vaibhav Pandey

Vice President – Technology

Leadership team
Sean Hicham

Head – Sales

Rajesh Balakrishnan

Head - Delivery

Leadership team
Satheesh Chandramouli

Head - Delivery

Leadership team
Matt Matos

Head - Customer Success, North America & LatAm

Head - Digital Experience
Haseel Mohamed

Head - Digital Experience

Leadership team
Cejoy Satheesh

Head - Cloud & DevOps

Leadership team
Robin Joy

Head - Data Engineering

Head - QA & Testing
Anoop M Prasad

Head - QA, Business Consulting

Leadership team
Ummar Shaik

Head - Data Science

Directors of Board

Board Member
Ganesh Ravi Pillai
Board Member
Natarajan Ranganathan
Board Member
Rajashree Sanjay Maheshwary

Our People

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who are passionate about technology and more importantly, about how technology can be used to make life better. Our team’s skills are continuously sharpened with our proven in-house training programs. This ensures that our customers’ ideas are better understood and transformed into transformative solutions and products.

Our team of hardcore technologists with expertise in world-class product engineering practices empower us in our quest to provide unique game-changing technology products that customers love while our Human Machine Interaction experts create simple and engaging interactions in products that captivate customers to come on board and stick to the products we develop.

Giving back to the society

At Reflections, social responsibility is a part of our core value system. We take thoughtful actions to bring positive change. The myReflections forum runs various initiatives all through the year to benefit the less privileged. One of the causes we are passionately involved with is education, our Back2School program empowers children from less privileged backgrounds to continue their education.


Customers believe in us

I believe Reflections sets the standard for excellence in customer relations. I, for one, am impressed and inspired by all that you do.

CEO | Leading Healthcare Company in US

Every member of the team is very committed, skilled & accommodating and within months they became an integral part of our core team in delivering solutions and even in meeting customer our needs above and beyond expectations. I would also appreciate the leadership team in Reflections for mentoring and building such an exceptional team who is highly motivated in delivering high quality software solutions.

Head of Software Development | Global Market Research Agency

I gave very little insight into what we were doing. You’ve done a very good job across the board of picking out those use cases, picking out the edge cases, and navigating those. I just want to congratulate the team again for the insight that you have with very little information from me. Basically, we just said, ‘Hey here’s a direction; let’s go northeast,’ and you figured out all of the edge cases that are of concern in the project on your own. I want to give you some praise for that; that’s pretty unique.

CEO | US based Data Analytics Company

Reflections is committed to comply with the highest standards of professionalism, honesty, integrity and ethical behavior, in line with the Company’s Code of Conduct and Ethics.

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