Snowflake - Developer & Lead
4+ yrs

We are looking for 4+ years of experienced Snowflake developers and lead

Responsibilities include:
  • Work as part of a team to develop Data and Analytics solutions                                          
  • Participate in the development of cloud data warehouses, data as a service, business intelligence solutions                                            
  • Ability to provide solutions that are forward-thinking in data integration                            
  • Developing Modern Data Warehouse solutions using Snowflake                                         
  • Programming experience in Scala or Python, SQL                                       
  • Working experience in Apache Spark is highly preferred                                               
  • Good to have Fivetran and Atscale knowledge / work experience
Certifications :
  • SnowPro Core Certification (Mandatory)
  • SnowPro Advanced Data Engineer (Optional)   
Primary Skills :
  • 4+ Yrs experience as a Data Engineer, who played a key role in implementing one or two large data solutions                                      
  • Programming experience in Scala or Python, SQL                                       
  • Min 2+ years experience in Data Engineering Pipelines, Solutions implementation in Snowflake                                 
  • Working knowledge of  with some of these AWS and Azure Services like S3, ADLS Gen2, AWS Redshift, AWS Glue, Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse                                 
  • Woking knowlege of ETL and Data Platforms with SAP data. (SAP being the source for OLAP)   
Soft Skills :
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to articulate ideas and discuss technical concepts with both technical and non-technical team members                
  • Clear and effective documentation, code comments, and the ability to write technical reports or emails are essential.                                        
  • Collaboration is often an integral part of software development, Data Projects. Being able to work well with others, share knowledge, and contribute positively to a team is crucial.                                     
  • Strong problem-solving and analytical skills, with the ability to make sound decisions under pressure.                                        
  • Efficiently managing one's time and meeting deadlines is critical in a fast-paced development environment.                                      
  • Understanding the needs and expectations of end-users or clients and developing solutions that meet or exceed those expectations.        
Job Details
Snowflake- Developer & Lead
Location :
Trivandrum, Chennai, Pune, Bangalore
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