Blockchain-as-a-Service: The new BaaS

Blockchain-as-a-Service: Should we or should we not? With the emergence of Web3, more industries are moving to Blockchain for faster and trusted operations. Like it has disrupted the finance industries, from Bitcoin worldwide to reimbursements in China, the technology is being taken up by industries ranging from logistics to healthcare to governmental organizations. But the […]

Metaversification of Businesses – The new Disruption!

Among all the recent technology ideas, Metaverse has had the most traction triggering multiple ecosystems with exciting forays. Perhaps, Metaverse took its prominence to the next level (after Facebook became Meta) with more industries throwing in their hat, either for a Tech-swank or to be that prime mover in their respective marketplaces and unearth a […]

Deciphering Metaverse UX Design

Technologists describe the metaverse as a persistent, shared, 3D virtual environment. There, people meet for activities ranging from playing games to conducting business. It incorporates such technologies as virtual reality and augmented reality. Mark Zuckerberg, now the Chief Executive of Facebook’s parent company Meta, describes the metaverse as “an embodied internet that you’re inside of […]

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