• Candidate should have hands on work experience(Min 3 years) in Web Technologies/Frameworks JavaScript,
jQuery, ReactJS.
• Should be proficient in React.JS – having continuously worked in ReactJS for 1 year or more.
• Knowledge/Experience in Redux (or other state management frameworks) is highly desirable, but not
• Knowledge on Object Oriented Paradigm(OOPS) is expected.
• Should have excellent communication skill.
• Should be well versed in JavaScript (knowledge on JavaScript patterns & practices is expected) .
• Exposure to Agile/Scrum methodologies is desirable.
• Knowledge/Experience on Docker container applications is an added advantage.
• Knowledge on PostgreSQL is desirable, but not essential.
• Should be flexible to —work in BL, DL stacks as necessary based on project demands, quickly learn
additional technology/framework requirements on the go.