Warehouse Now

Warehouse Now is a warehousing & supply chain company based in India that provides flexible Warehousing, Logistics and Manpower solutions according to the customer’s needs. Warehouse Now has warehouses available to be used for storage by its clients for flexible periods of time. It has in its inventory 1000 plus warehouses in more than 100 […]

Logistics & Transportation

The logistics market continues to grow at an impressive rate, but is notorious for its heavy use of manual processes, and large amounts of data stored all over the place. Hence this industry has the most to gain through technology adoption and digitization. Startups, with innovative and disruptive solutions too are popping up at a […]


Zajil Express is one of the leading transportation and logistics services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It covers the entire country with more than 100 offices. With the objective of providing access to its services throughout the Middle East, it is expanding to the GCC region too.

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