• Framework Design, Development and Maintenance
  • Automated Functional Testing
  • Non Functional Testing
  • DevSecTestOps
  • Service Virtualization
  • Test Data Engineering
  • Machine Learning Model Testing


  • Customer Experience Testing
  • Omni Channel Testing
  • Multi-browser Testing
  • A/B Testing
  • Crowdsourced Testing


  • Automation Maturity Assessment
  • Automation Road-mapping using our Automation Prioritization Framework
  • Tool Feasibility and Integration


For a leading US based lending company, we are involved in automating the workflow UI, as part of which several processes such as fetching the loan IDs, verification of payment plans and the fields for each payment plan have been automated. We were able to start delivering benefits through an easily configurable and customizable data-driven framework that best suited the client’s needs.


For a well-known retail group that has launched some of the biggest global brands in the Middle East, we built an built an automated testing solution for their Magento based ecommerce platform with 90+% coverage to support their growth plans through online sales. The usage of our reusable Magento eCommerce test scripts helped shrink the timelines for testing and in meeting the release date. The test scripts only had to be customized based on the type of products sold.



We have experience of over a decade providing Software Quality Engineering services to customers across the globe. Our IP led Test Automation gives our customers a 20-30% lead from Day 1. The SDET led Automation practices we follow leads to faster automation with an engineering mindset. The Automation First approach usually with a BDD Execution results in early detection of defects, higher coverage and a far better customer experience. How do our customers benefit?

  • 30% reduction in Test Automation costs
  • 30-40% shrink in testing timelines
  • Better customer experience


Quality Engineering

Quality Engineering

Digital Assets Test Framework

Our futuristic, meta data-driven, no code automation framework, with domain extensions, and integrated with CI/CD permitting continuous testing


Automated BDD based test workflow integrated into our CI/CD pipeline which ensures Continuous Delivery, and Quality, Security, and Performance assurance continuously

Reusable Test Scripts

Hundreds of reusable test scripts for the Financial, Healthcare, Retail and Logistics domains
Reusable test scripts for platforms such as Magento, SAP, Salesforce CRM and Marketing Cloud etc

Quality Engineering

Experience Assurance

Customer Sentiment Analysis

Ability to understand customer sentiments from their verbal remarks (voice/text) as expressed in various media, customer support, feedback etc and generate tickets of the right severity automatically for suitable action

Quality Engineering

Advisory Services

Automation Maturity Assessment Framework

With its weighted scoring model, it helps determine the current automation maturity level of each application, which is an important input for automation roadmaps

Automation Roadmap Framework

It comes with an inbuilt weighted scoring model based on multiple business and technical parameters which helps prioritize applications for automation, giving a roadmap as an outcome

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