Emirates Development Bank’s products target all Emiratis, including those who receive financing from federal and local housing authorities and those seeking home financing to construct or purchase their own home. Emirates Development Bank home finance products are characterized by their ability to decrease the financial burden on Emiratis, providing transparency and flexible credit standards, and providing innovative financing solutions at competitive rates that deliver sustainable credit standards.


Reflections developed a content management portal for EDB and integrated it with UAE SmartPass (UAE Pass digital authentication system) and with the EDB Internet banking system, called Nextgen, for Login.
We are also developing a mobile app for EDB that will offer enhanced user experiences and best in class security features.


The bank website had over 25 online forms for different online banking services. Before a user applies using these online forms, the bank asks the user to login using the SmartPass system, which verifies the basic user KYC information from SmartPass database using an OTP. Once verified successfully, this basic data is automatically loaded into the online form and submitted to the bank for processing.

Once received, the KYC information is retrieved from SmartPass into the solution’s database and later verifies each time the user logs in. This information is also sent to the bank’s Internet banking system using API’s provided by the system.
The user has the ability to view the request status after logging into the website.


  • Cross-device compatible
  • Dynamic and responsive CMS website in Laravel with UAE SmartPass integration

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