The client’s marketing, loan origination, loan processing and data platform business units were grappling with the issue of long sprint cycles, and hence slower GTM. On further analysis, it turned out that their testing cycles within sprints were extremely long. It was hence important to automate their complex test scenarios to attain competitive speed.


Our team quickly learned the clients’ systems and learned their processes and tools in order to be able to start showing results from the third week of engagement onwards. With the experience and ability to adapt, we were able start delivering benefits through an easily configurable and customizable data driven framework to best suit the need of the client.
We automated the workflows for their website, loan processing systems, loan origination systems, data platforms and their marketing.


A comprehensive data driven framework was developed using Cypress test automation tool, JavaScript, Mocha and Chai libraries. Input test meta data json file drives the test execution according to the business scenarios provided by the business users. This framework can be extended to validate any payment plan and any other agent workflow with minimal changes.
 Through this project, what used to take 9 person weeks/release to accomplish can now be performed in 9 hours of automated testing.


Base framework

  • Data Driven test automation framework
  • Testing tool – Cypress

Languages used

  • JavaScript
  • Utilities – Json parser, Test data read function, Date validation functions, Array helpers
  • Libraries – Mocha, Chai
  • Continuous Integration – Jenkins

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