The application is built on Android and iOS. The app facilitates the issuance and use of a credit card with a virtual card and the user has the option for physical card as well. In this app the user can sign up and apply for a credit card. Upon application, a set of API integrations that kick in with different players in our app ecosystem so that the entire process is seamless and automated.


The solution featured an end-to-end user experience engineering and study of the targeted customer base. The business requirements and functional capabilities of the credit card product were reviewed, and a product roadmap was created. The solution involved 10 to 15 third party vendors which were compared and finalized on various metrics and recommendations were given. The technical solution involved native mobile apps, backend services built using microservices pattern on AWS, best security practices followed on infrastructure, code and operations. The solution also employs a data warehouse and visualization layer for the business to keep track and monitor KPIs.


– Quick Go to Market using reusable assets and proven architecture
– Microservices design to quickly add more components in future
– Cost effective infrastructure on AWS using AWS’s most modern optimized work loads
– Shift Left approach followed to ensure quality and security is part of the development process itself
– Quality process is automated from the very beginning
– Audit and APM logging built into the framework

Technology Stack


  • Swift, Kotlin, Python

Base Framework

  • Combine, Flask


  • Postgres, RDS, Liquibase, Redis

Error and Audit logging

  • Opensearch, FluentD, Logstash, Kibana

Application and Data Security

  • Transport Layer Encryption (SSL/TLS), VPN, Proxy
  • DevSecOps, Jenkins, SAST, Snyk, IDE checks

Cloud and Devops

  • AWS, API Gateway, EKS, Graviton, Cloudfront
  • GuardDuty, CodeCommit, KMS, S3


  • Redshift, Sprinkle

Data Visualization

  • PowerBI, Sprinkle

Third-party Integrations

  • Alloy, Auth0, Persona, Finicity, CrossRiverBank, I2C
  • TransUnion, Scienaptic, NeuroID, Iovation
  • One Signal, IOS Security Suite, Firebase

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