What We Offer

Our clients sign up for Hyperautomation outcomes, and we combine RPA and disruptive technologies such as AI, Machine Learning (ML), Process Mining, Decision Management, and Natural Language Processing (NLP), to automate decision making, complex functions and workflows to deliver those outcomes efficiently.


How We Do It


Success Stories

Weather Impact Analysis

Our Computer Vision solutions, combined with NLP help assess impact of weather events through analyzing satellite/drone images and corroborating with text data


Our Computer Vision solution for mine fields can capture valuable data in the mining supply chain, which can in turn be used to optimize the supply chain and maximize the output from mines

Radiology Image analysis

Our Radiology image analysis solutions can automatically detect a variety of conditions from radiology images, including low quality images, and improve productivity of radiologists and physicians


Why Reflections for Hyperautomation

We bring the right mix of domain knowledge, technology know-how, in house R&D, academic partnership and research together to deliver cutting edge Hyperautomation solutions for our clients. Our commercial models are designed to be outcomes-based, thus ensuring successful outcomes for our clients

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