Innovation as a Service

Innovation as a Service
Our Innovation-as-a-Service offering is a combination of various agile and interdisciplinary practices designed to impact the creation of compelling products, services & capabilities, build better business models and transform customer experiences.
innovation as a service
Innovation as a Service
We apply principles of Design Thinking to put people and their needs first; and translate observation into insights and insights into products and services that will improve lives.
Human Centered Problem Discovery and Ideation
Innovation Ninja
Empathize with end users and map personas
Discover nodal pain points for each persona through user immersions
Define business problem statement based on insights from user immersions
Ideate use brainstorming/hackathon techniques to come up ideas to address pain points
  • Persona definition
  • User immersions
  • Value chain analysis
  • Hackathons
  • Brainstorming