With our customer base spreading across multiple geographies such as the US, Australia, Middle East, Brazil and India, we follow a Global Delivery model that allows us to take advantage of the best talent and resources available around the world and deliver cost-effective and high-quality solutions to our global customer base.
innovation as a service
Our teams are based out of various locations, and each location offers a certain unique value proposition.
  • Onshore Locations
    Our teams deployed in customer onsite locations focus on Customer problem, Discovery, Co-creation, Onsite support etc.
  • Nearshoring
    Teams to support Client/Customers closely with the same time zone, bringing down the overall cost. For example, our Brazil location serves our US customers too.
  • Offshore
    In India we derive value through large scale where we have skilled resources at a much lower cost.
  • Standardized processes
    To ensure consistency and quality across different geographies/locations, we use proprietary processes and methodologies for software development, testing, and deployment.
  • Talent Management
    We invest in talent management programs across geographies and locations, such as training and development, to guarantee that our employees deliver high-quality services to clients.