Reflections Advantage

Let’s build the future, together.
When you join Reflections, you work with a diverse global team of free-thinkers, entrepreneurs and technologists who are passionate about creating great solutions that change lives for the better. It comes with the opportunity to learn new skills and grow your career in a dynamic and supportive environment.
Let’s build the future, together.
Grow with Us
A few of the employee engagement and self-development initiatives that make Reflections a great workplace.
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Let’s Talk
Let’s Talk provides a platform for Reflectors to fine-tune their speaking skills. It is also a chance to collaborate, explore and have lots of fun.
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Amber is the CEO’s Digital Culture Assistant. Available 24X7, her mission is to make the voice of every employee felt, heard and valued.
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Reflexa is a Digital Executive Assistant, a self-learning Al driven bot made for Reflectors by Reflectors, to assist them in their routine tasks.
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The Reflections Yammer social network provides Reflectors with the tools to share, inform, and engage with others across the organization.
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Inspired Talks
Inspired Talks is a monthly virtual event where prominent personalities from different walks of life are invited to share their experiences with Reflectors.
Advantage Reflections
A unique and diverse workplace environment with continuous learning and development opportunities, here are some more reasons why you belong here.
The Clan Culture
The Reflections work culture emphasizes collaboration, trust, and mutual support among Reflectors. We value shared goals, norms, and values that create a sense of belonging and identity. The family-like work environment fosters a high level of commitment and loyalty.
Flexi Work Environment
The flexi work environment at Reflections offers benefits such as increased productivity, reduced stress, improved work-life balance. It also fosters clear communication, trust, and accountability among Reflectors.
Recognition & Excellence Awards
The Reflections Recognition and Excellence awards reflect the values and vision of our company and foster a culture of excellence. It is an acknowledgement of the outstanding achievements and contributions of individual Reflectors and teams.
Growth & Career Development
A stimulating and rewarding work environment, where Reflectors can grow and develop their skills and careers with regular training programs, mentoring sessions, performance reviews, and feedback mechanisms. Reflectors are also encouraged to pursue interests and passions.
Creating a healthy and happy workforce in a positive and inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive and achieve their full potential.
Social Well-being
Social Well-being
  • Internal Social Media Platform- Yammer
  • Our Reflections- (CSR wing)
  • DEIB incorporated benefit designs.
  • Support volunteerism & compassionate donations
Physical Well-being
Physical Well-being
  • Workspace ergnomics
  • Doctor on call
  • Flexible working hours
  • Comprehensive health plans
  • Frequent connect with leaders
Financial Well-being
Financial Well-being
  • Competitive Salary
  • Financial literacy sessions
  • Gratuity & Retirement benefits
Career Well-being
Career Well-being
  • Learning & Development for upskilling/cross-skilling
  • Knowledge Sharing Session
  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Professional grooming sessions- Let’sTalk
  • Defined CDF (Career Development Framework) for Career Progression
  • Microsoft 365- Work Suite
  • Leadership training
  • Recognition & Excellence Awards
Mental Well-being
Mental Well-being
  • Mental Wellness programs
  • Generous Paid Vacation
  • Empathetic managers
  • Workplace counselling
  • Fun Fridays & Team Outings