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‘A Learning Organization is a Growing Organization,’ Says Srijith Srinivasan

‘A Learning Organization is a Growing Organization,’ said Srijith Sreenivasan, Global Director - Schnieder Electric. He was delivering the keynote address on Business Agility: Thriving in a Disruptive Age at the Tech Talk event organized at our Thiruvananthapuram office on Friday, January 5, 2024.

Srijith elaborated on the disruptions in the industry, change in consumer behavior, business model innovation, and globalization, adding that the way an organization senses change, responds to it, and adapts are crucial. He also emphasized on the importance of organizations building resilience in their structure and a culture of learning and innovation. Pointing out the differences between the  traditional and agile development approaches, he highlighted the need for agile leadership to create an environment of trust and safety for employees.

Srijith also answered questions from Reflectors, ranging from the role of enabling teams and change in communication to the skills to be acquired in an environment of change. The session that was organized to provide Reflectors with insights into the disruptions that businesses experience and the ways to deal with them witnessed enthusiastic participation from Reflectors.