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Humans Using AI will Replace Humans Not Using AI: Says Sree Srinivasan at Reflections’ Event

AI will not replace humans, but humans using AI will replace humans not using AI, said Sree Sreenivasan, CEO and Co-founder, Digimentors.  Sree was speaking at the session on ‘AI: Beyond the Hype and Backlash,’ organized by Reflections at Technopark on April 29, 2024. 

The impact of AI will affect every industry, upend careers in unexpected ways, and and lots of money will be made or lost, Sree said urging technologists to pay close attention and learn new skills apart from being vigilant about its dangers. ‘AI companies won’t fix the AI problems. Team human will prevail in the battle between humans and machines,’ he added. 

Noting the consequences of using social media globally, Sree, also the former Chief Digital Officer of New York City and the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Columbia University, said keeping track of technology is hard and we have to think about AI in the same way by expecting the backlash.

TP Sreenivasan, Former Ambassador, and Deepa Sarojammal, CEO, Reflections, also spoke in the session in which Sree also answered questions from the audience on the realities of the world of AI and the future. The session was attended by IT professionals from various companies in Technopark and students, along with Reflectors.