Product Engineering

End-to-end product engineering services that deliver faster time-to-market, reduce cost, and enhance user experiences.
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We help our clients build differentiated products and platforms that are key to unlocking their full business potential and deliver delightful experiences to the users. We provide the full spectrum of production engineering services from product conceptualization, design,  management and architecture to engineering, automated testing, DevSecOps and ongoing maintenance and support.

Our Capabilities
Our capabilities empower transformative product engineering solutions for the digital world
Deep expertise in cloud native development 
Practitioners of scrum and agile engineering  
Versatile engineering teams skilled in open source technology stacks as well as Java and Microsoft stacks 
Centres of Excellence (CoE) in AI/ML, Data engineering, Cloud, Mobile, Social, DevOps, Cyber Security 
Expert enterprise and solutions architects to augment your engineering teams on an as needed basis
Product quality assurance – automation testing, performance testing, usability testing, and functional testing
Product security – Secure coding practices, DevSecOps, static code analysis, Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing 
Our Approach
  • For Application Development, we bring our product mindset to play thus guaranteeing continuous delivery, that result in adding value with every sprint
Value we deliver

We assure the fastest possible delivery through delivery accelerators, seasoned Product Managers, User Experience Designers, Product Architects, Scrum Masters and domain experts, and several reusable assets guaranteeing fast delivery at lower costs. We ensure simple and elegant user experiences, algorithm based decisioning, lean agile delivery to build products that are flexible, scalable and secure. We measure our success based on our clients AARRR.