User Experience

We specialize in creating human-machine interactions that feel like human-human interactions, across multiple channels and devices. Our User Experience is characterized by simplicity, elegance, minimum number of clicks, intuitiveness, and is focused on meeting logical needs, emotional wants and alignments to the brand story.
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Our Capabilities
Our capabilities allow us to be flexible, adapting to almost any project type and collaboration model
UX Research
Wire Framing
Usability Testing
Dynamic and API Driven
Competitive Analysis
Responsive Interface Design
Heuristic Auditing
Localization and Personalization
UX Business Analysis
Application Interface Design
Personalized UI for User Types
User Persona Creation
Website Interface Design
SEO, Marketing Automation
Information Architecture
Mobile Interface Design
UI Development
Secure and Scalable Deployments
Our Approach
  • Discovery
    This phase features user research, interviews, empathy mapping, task analysis, stakeholder mapping, service blueprints, analytics and heuristics, and competitive analysis
  • Ideation
    Sketching, wireframes, information architecture, journey mapping, user story writing, paper prototypes, and interaction designs
  • Analysis & Design:
    Design sprints, design system, high-fidelity visual designs, prototyping, and A/B testing
  • Validation
    This phase features accessibility, review and validation, and feedback integration
  • Production
    Usability testing, retrospectives, and releases
Value we deliver

We understand our clients and their customers’ design and usability needs and wants. We invest in learning about what drives customers’ emotions as they use the website, app, product, or platform. We do a deep dive of the business vision, target customer demographics and align the UX to meet the business vision. Our strong ability to design workflows to create simple but effective interactions between users and machines across a variety of channels, sets us apart.