Easier B2B for a US sportswear company

Enabling highly scalable B2B ordering for the exclusive baseball cap supplier for Major League baseball in US
The Case
The client wanted to develop a middleware service that can be integrated with B2B sites and is capable of handling huge volume of data in different formats. They wanted to develop a one-stop fulfillment API for B2C to process which can manage, and track the end-to-end process flow with client applications. It should ensure the delivery of the services irrespective to the amount of data, concurrent processes, and performance of the client apps.

Middleware Service:

• B2B customers can register and subscribe to the PDF service via portal

• B2B customers can integrate the service with different applications using the subscription

Fulfillment API:

• B2C customers can register and subscribe to different API service offerings

• Webhooks provided for integration with third-party customer applications

• Detailed data visualization via dashboards for process analysis

Technology Stack

.Net 6

Azure Durable functions

Azure API Management

Azure Logic Apps

Azure Service Bus and Event Grid

Azure Monitor

Azure Log Analytics and Application Insights.


• Offers businesses more flexibility and boosts cost efficiency by ability to integrate more sites in 25% lesser time

• 100% traceability for the data integration exchanges and customized reports to analyze that information

• Highly scalable and reliable middleware that delivers data irrespective of the amount of data, concurrent processes, and performance of the client applications