Comprehensive data insights for a Petroleum company

Energy & Utilities
Our solution helps a Saudi Arabia based Oil and Gas company make strategic marketing & sales decisions by providing an accurate overview of sales data
The Case
The client needed a user-friendly application that would be adopted as enthusiastically as possible by their sales rep. Some common features include tracking prospects and leads, sales team activity, client movement and correspondence as well as individual sales rep assessment. The technical requirements included a complex integration with their legacy software, as well as the ability to capture leads from multiple sources. The client’s specific requirement was the leads are delivered from all of their sources to their agents that are currently logged in due to criteria such as the state it is located, the campaign that it is related to, or simply who is the best-suited agent to deal with that particular lead.

Our dedicated software development team helped the customer to roll out the software with all planned functionalities. Our solution also made the lives of both the sales rep and director simpler via the automation of everyday tasks they’ve come to detest such as: Recording sales visit data, Arranging follow-up calls or visits, Route planning between appointments, Sales reporting.


Through our solution, the Client got a comprehensive database of all their leads. More importantly, the client was able to see a complete picture of their sales pipeline at any given time.

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